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Shipping & Returns

1- Since Staple Templates mainly focuses on delivering digital asset creations we do not hold any actual physical products in our inventory, space, and nor do we supply any inventory to anyone else.


2- Our physical products that are listed on our store / shop are products handled and shipped through 3rd party print on demand services and our shipping and handling guidelines follow as such.

3- We do NOT offer any refunds, all purchases are final for any digital asset and for any physical product purchased through our store or any of our social platforms.

4- If the product you purchased was damaged, distorted, or was not the item you ordered you can issue a replacement by first contacting us at or reaching out to us via any social media platform with proof of such and such claims so we can make the proper arrangements with our affiliate print on demand services in order to get your order right!

5- After contacting us we will try our best to reach your inquiry as soon as possible and will relate to you any further instructions needed from all partys involved.

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